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If you have been arrested, charged with a criminal offense, or are under investigation, it is crucial that you speak to an experienced Monmouth County Criminal Defense Lawyer about your options.

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Criminal Charge from Social Media Holmdel NJ Lawyer near me

Dangers of Social Media and Potential Criminal Charges that Follow

How Social Media Can Lead to Criminal Charges in NJ The rise of social media over the last decade has been extremely impactful  to say the least on the way in which our society operates. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat have drastically changed the way in which people communicate throughout the... Read More»

Charged at a Traffic Stop Holmdel NJ Attorney near me

Common Criminal Charges that Stem from a Routine Traffic Stop in New Jersey

What to do about Criminal and Motor Vehicle Charges after being Pulled over in NJ A significant number of criminal cases in New Jersey stem from what can only be classified as a routine traffic stop.  The vast majority of the criminal charges that stem from a traffic stop derive from a search of the... Read More»

Monmouth County No Early Release Act NERA Attorneys

No Early Release Act (“NERA”)

Understanding NERA Mandatory Minimum Sentencing in Monmouth County NJ The type of sentences imposed in New Jersey can vary drastically. Typically speaking, an individual sentenced to a term of incarceration will have what has been referred to as a “flat sentence”. Anyone sentenced to a flat term of incarceration will usually serve around 1/3 to... Read More»

Being Investigated for Sexual Offense Monmouth NJ Defense Help

Accused of Sexual Assault in Monmouth County

Under Investigation for a Sex Crime in New Jersey Being accused of a crime can be scary but when the crime that you are being accused of is considered a sex crime, it can be downright terrifying. The stigma only associated with even just an allegation of a sex crime can be crippling to one’s... Read More»

Beat a Gun Case Lawyers Monmouth County NJ

Gun Charges Dismissed Outright Following Three Year Legal Battle

The team of defense attorneys at Proetta & Oliver was able to secure a dismissal for one of our clients following a three year legal battle. Our client was arrested and charged with a slue of offenses, including two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, two counts of possession of a weapon for unlawful... Read More»

Firearms Permit Eligibility NJ

Can I be Denied a Firearms Purchasers Identification Card?

How Do I Obtain a Firearms Purchasers Identification Card in NJ? Although the Second Amendment allows for citizens to bear arms, the individual states have the authority to determine not only who can possess a firearm, but the procedure they must go through before they can lawfully own one. It should be no surprise that... Read More»

Charged with Strangulation in Monmouth County NJ

How Serious is a Crime of Strangulation in New Jersey

Accused of Strangulation in Monmouth County Over the last decade, domestic violence allegations as a whole have been the center of a lot of attention of the legislature in New Jersey. Regardless of whether the allegations were of an assault, stalking, harassment, cyber-harassment or terroristic threats, they have routinely been underreported and as a result,... Read More»

Juvenile being Tried as Adult Monmouth County NJ

When a Juvenile Case can be Waived up to Adult Court in NJ

Can a Juvenile be Prosecuted as an Adult in NJ? The New Jersey criminal justice systems allows the prosecution to seek a waiver of jurisdiction of a juvenile delinquency case. Typically speaking, the prosecution would be seeking to waive up the juvenile’s criminal case from the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Family Part to the Superior... Read More»

Got a DUI and Criminal Charge in Monmouth County NJ

When Does a DWI Incident Lead to Criminal Charges?

Are DUI’s Considered Criminal Offenses in NJ? Under New Jersey law, driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses are categorized as traffic offenses. In other words, anyone convicted of a DWI in New Jersey will not be scarred with a permanent criminal record. This is contrary to most other states throughout the Country. With that being said,... Read More»

Charges from a Bar Fight Jersey Shore Lawyers Help

Common Crimes and Consequences from being in a Bar Fight at the Jersey Shore

What to Expect when Charged with a Bar Fight at the Shore Arrested for a bar fight at the Jersey Shore? DJAIS? Bar Anticipation? Osprey? Donovan’s? If so, you are not alone. Bar fights have been around forever, at the Jersey Shore and New Jersey statewide. Anytime you have free flowing alcohol it is only... Read More»

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