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Blog - Drug Offenses

Possession of a Weapon while Committing a Drug Crime NJSA 2C:39-4.1

What if a Have a Gun or Other Weapon while Committing a Drug Crime in NJ?

Possession of a Gun During Commission of a Drug Offense in Freehold and Monmouth County, NJ  It is well known by now that New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the Country. It is also no secret that New Jersey takes drug distribution allegations very seriously. So one can imagine how aggressively... Read More»

Intent to Distribute CDS Case Monmouth County NJ best defense

Understanding Possession With Intent to Distribute CDS Charges in NJ

What it Means to be Charged with Possessing a Controlled Dangerous Substance with Intent to Sell in New Jersey Charged with Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance with the Intent to Distribute in Monmouth County? If so, here is what you need to know. Unlike distribution or possession cases, where the Defendant is typically caught... Read More»

Freehold Lawyers Explain Types of Drug Possession in NJ

Different Ways You can Possess Drugs in Drug Possession Case

Types of Drug Possession that can get You Charged in Monmouth County Without question, one of the more frequently charged criminal offenses in New Jersey is the Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS). Although drug offenses are certainly more common in certain municipalities within Monmouth County, as a whole, they are not immune to... Read More»

Manalapan NJ Drug Possession & Distribution Charges

Manalapan NJ Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Arrested and Charged with a Controlled Dangerous Substance (CDS) Offense in Manalapan, New Jersey Have you been charged with a drug offense in Manalapan Township NJ? If so, you are not alone. The war on drugs is still alive and well and Monmouth County as a whole is not immune to it. That includes Manalapan... Read More»

Need a Wall New Jersey Drug Possession Attorney

Charged with Drug Possession in Wall New Jersey

A drug charge for CDS Possession in Wall Township will usually be a third degree felony crime, punishable by up to 5 years in prison. It could derail your future and leave you with a criminal record, that is, without a vigorous defense to get Wall NJ drug possession charges dismissed. Have you been arrested... Read More»

Got a DUI and Criminal Charge in Monmouth County NJ

When Does a DWI Incident Lead to Criminal Charges?

Are DUI’s Considered Criminal Offenses in NJ? Under New Jersey law, driving while intoxicated (DWI) offenses are categorized as traffic offenses. In other words, anyone convicted of a DWI in New Jersey will not be scarred with a permanent criminal record. This is contrary to most other states throughout the Country. With that being said,... Read More»

Neptune NJ Drug Charge Defense Lawyer

Marijuana, Heroin & Oxycontin Discovered During Search Warrant in Neptune

Drug Charges Filed in Neptune Township NJ According to the Asbury Park Press, the Neptune Township Police Department executed a search warrant on a home in Ocean Grove, which is a section of Neptune on Friday and it uncovered a cache of drugs. Based on the initial reports, it appears that the Neptune Township Police... Read More»

Drug Possession Lawyers Near Sea Bright NJ

Drug Possession Attorney in Sea Bright NJ

Need Local Lawyer in Sea Bright for a Drug Charge The Borough of Sea Bright has quietly become one of the more desirable locations for those seeking to visit the Jersey Shore. With bars like Donovans Reef, the Tiki Bar, Tommy’s Tavern, Rum Runner, Woody’s  and various beach clubs popping up, Sea Bright sees a... Read More»

Holmdel NJ Drug Charge Attorneys

Drug Possession Lawyer in Holmdel New Jersey

Need a Local Lawyer in Holmdel for Drug Charge Holmdel Township, which is nestled in the northern region of Monmouth County, is known for being one of the more desirable locations to live, due in large part to its well respected public school system as well as its beautiful parks. Although it is regarded as... Read More»

Marlboro NJ Drug Charge Lawyer

Drug Possession Defense Lawyer in Marlboro

Need a Local Drug Possession Attorney in Marlboro NJ Marlboro Township, which is located in the northwestern section of Monmouth County has some of the counties busiest roadways cutting right through it, including Route 79, Route 9 and Route 18. It is also home to more than 40,000 individuals, which makes this municipality extremely busy... Read More»

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